Can they fix it? John Lewis reckons it knows someone who can. Middle England’s favourite retailer has signed up an army of plumbers, electricians, decorators and gardeners to offer their new home maintenance service - John Lewis Home Solutions and we're delighted to say we're a part of it.

We had to undertake a rigorous six-stage recruitment process in partnership with trade associations, which included interviews, background checks, reviews of our past work and ‘training’ in customer service. The retailer, which has built up one of the most trusted brands in the UK partly thanks to its highly rated customer service and “never knowingly undersold” pledge, is now aiming to make employing a tradesperson a lot less hit and miss.

“As a trusted retailer of home products our customers often ask us if we can help them with tasks in their homes. We have taken a lot of care to find professionals who will deliver service to the standard that people expect from John Lewis.”

Tom Athron, group development director, John Lewis Partnership

About 150 tradespeople across the UK have been signed up to the scheme so far, and we will remain  independent contractors rather than becoming partners, the term John Lewis uses for its staff who jointly own the company. How does it work you might ask? Well, customers select a job that needs doing and pick a time slot before being matched with available tradespeople via the service’s website, app or call centre. The work is then guaranteed for a year.

“John Lewis is really exploiting the potential of the brand and current lifestyle trends,’ she said. “There is a huge amount of trust in John Lewis which is a big advantage but if there is any kind of problem that’s going to reflect badly on the brand. The tradespeople have to be of a very high standard.”

Maureen Hinton, group research director, Global Data